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We will get right to the point:

Get TWO COMMERCIAL WordPress Plugins (Apps)  EVERY MONTH  You can Download and Install on All - UNLIMITED - of Your Sites!  - for $7!

These Are  COMMERCIAL  Plugins, Designed To Accomplish Tasks That Help Your Sites/Blogs to IMPRESS . . . and MAKE MONEY.​    For $7 !

Become a member -  There are plugins ready to download NOW!
EVEN IF you do NOT have a WordPress Site you should - and should join!   (We can help)

UPDATE! WE have ADDed a Game App Making site for FULL Members, That includes 30 GAME Templates!

This App Making site creates Apple, Android, Kindle and WEB Apps, including Games.

​If You Have a WordPress Site - You Have A SLEEPING GIANT - Especially For making money.

There are a mere 52 million FaceBook pages out there (for companies, organizations, groups) BUT over 67 MILLION WordPress sites - with good reason. And they are growing even faster. They were "mobile friendly" and responsive long before Google made it a requirement (and MUCH more responsive than facebook pages as well).

Even FaceBook uses WordPress:   newsroom.facebook.com   is a WordPress site. SO ARE:

If you want MONTHLY income, a membership site is THE way to do that - and WordPress is basically DESIGNED for membership sites.

The real POWER of WordPress sites, are the easy to install and use PLUGINs. Plugins are actually small software applications that add many features (bells and whistles) and capabilities to any WordPress site/blog.


WordPress PLUGINS (Apps) are the REAL POWER of WordPress. Get TWO a month designed by our engineers.

BUT - There are a LIMITED Number of DISCOUNTED WordPress Memberships available (though the normal price is incredibly reasonable!). And the Discount will remain for as long as you stay a member. IF you act NOW.
Membership includes things like . . .

  • TWO WordPress PLUGINS Every Month  (You can install on as many sites as you own/operate)
  • Desktop software, Apps and tools to make Apps
  • Access to ALL information on the site about WordPress, Apps, App Marketing - Blogs, PDFs, Videos. etc.
  • And MORE . . .

BTW: If you don't have a WordPress site,  you should - and we can help with that too!

The BENEFITS of Being a WordPress MEMBER - for $7!


EVERY MONTH we deliver Commercial  WordPress PLUGINS that have been created from scratch, and/or enhanced by our Engineers.

The Plugins are NOT encrypted, but in source form so you can modify them for your use as you like on ANY and ALL sites (Unlimited) you own or operate. Or just use them as is. They are tested and ready to be used. 

The Plugins Can be purchased separately by non-members ($27 each) (But NO, they can NOT be "resold")

WordPress THEMES and MORE

MEMBERS Get ACCESS - at no extra cost - to themes, images, information, etc. for use on WordPress sites you own or operate.

If you only learn ONE useful/new thing a month, it is worth the $7.

Even just one commercial plugin / month is worth MORE than the $7

These CAN NOT be purchased separately at any price.


IF you need to create a WordPress site, we can help with that. Information, tips, education, etc.  ARE INCLUDED.

IF You would like a WordPress Site created FOR you, we can do that - though there is a small one-time fee for that (aprox. $25 depending)

Available to ALL who Join.  

WordPress VIDEOS and Tutorials

MEMBERS Get ACCESS - at no extra cost - to VIDEOS and Tutorials (from beginner to more advance) on creating WordPress sites, maintaining and improving them, plugins, etc.

Is it worth $7 to get a question answered or learn how to do something new that enhances your blog or site?

WordPress MONEY

Members get access to Blogs, PDF's etc. focusing on Marketing and MAKING MONEY with your site and blogs.
Making them IMPRESS.

You can have a WordPress Blog/site just for the fun of it, but would it not be even better to have it make money for you?

That is the Focus of this site AND the Plugins we deliver.


Our PLUGINS, Themes, etc. are HIGHLY responsive - Mobile Friendly - and Optimized for speed.

We create/enhance/design them for that from the start, because so many people are now accessing sites from phones and other mobile devices.

The PlugIns! :

(Available To Download by Members NOW):

COMING This Month:

Push My Site Elite

Just like your favorite smart phone APPS, this new plugin allows you to send “push notifications” right to your readers’ desktop or mobile device.

Whenever you add new content, you can create a custom message and “push” it out to all your subscribers, who will instantly see a pop-up notice right on their screen!

-- NO spam folders to worry about
-- NO undeliverable email addresses
-- NO getting buried at the bottom of an over-full inbox Just instant, on-time notifications.
-- NO need to use/send  RSS feeds

Your readers will get the information they need and want, exactly when you send it, every single time.

Crazy Quizzer Elite

How many times have you seen friends and colleagues sharing those crazy little quizzes on Facebook? You know like…

 “What Breed of Dog Are You?”

  “Who Were You in a Past Life?”
 “How Long Would You Survive in a Zombie Apocalypse?”

They’re all in good fun. This plugin puts the power of viral traffic from those Crazy "social" quizzes in your hands.

 ...Integrates with Facebook–encourage your readers to share their results
 ...Create unlimited quizzes and unlimited questions in each
 ...Develop your own scoring strategy
 ...Use images or text or both as answers
 ...Enable Twitter sharing
 ...Create playful viral quizzes that spread like wildfire on social networks

Create Your First Quiz Today and generate  traffic - You can you’ll have your first quiz online just minutes. Please Note: PHP 5.4 needs to be available for this plugin to function.

Previous MONTH 5

Temp Content Elite

Easy-to-use plugin for WordPress users looking for a better way to control the content of posts and pages. The Temp Content Elite Plugin makes automating your WordPress content super easy, with…
  - The ability to turn off any content block on based on the date you choose.
  - The ability to turn any content block off after a specific date.
  - Works equally well for text, photos, buy buttons, video, and even sign-up forms – any content

Comment ProGo Elite

Simply put, the Comment ProGo Elite Plugin gives your readers a clear direction to pursue after they’ve left a comment. They won’t see that ultra-friendly message, “Your comment is awaiting moderation” or worse, be dumped right back on the page. Instead, they’ll be offered exactly what you want them to see. You can…
  - show an offer for your latest product or an affiliate product.
Provide a “commenter only” opportunity.
Ask readers to follow you on social media.
Present an opt-in form for your mailing list.
. . . about anything you can think off

Previous MONTH 4

AmazonS3 Temp Links Elite

If you’ve been on the Internet for more than 10 minutes, then you know two things:
- Video is important–maybe even critical–to your marketing efforts.

Nifty Icons Elite

You know how they say you only have 3 SECONDS to grab your reader’s attention? Well, here is an attractive, cost-effective way to do that!

Previous MONTH 3

Before You Go Elite

Show them a message, sign-up, etc. On their way out the site. (Enhanced)

Download If FB Elite

If they want your download link, you can (if you like) Make them share your page on Facebook first, to use a download link (Enhanced)

Previous MONTH 2

FlipOver Counter Elite

Add an "Expires in" countdown timer display to a post or page.(Enhanced)

Page Jazzer Elite

Add pro touches to your WordPress.  Jazz up lists with checks, arrows, X marks and more.


Before You Go Elite

REALLY fancy/spectacular fonts you can add/use in Posts and pages.(Enhanced)

When you join as a paying member, download links for products appear in your membership profile page.

SIGN UP NOW - Grab YOUR PlugIns! 

No matter how you like it - It is an APP Mad World(tm)   And is only going to grow.


ANYONE Can Become a Free Member

FREE members have benefits:

  • FREE App with 100% Native SOURCE CODE
  • Access to ALL information on Apps and App marketing - Blogs, PDFs, Videos, etc.
  • No commitment, NO charge, Quit anytime.


No Cost Ever!


LIMITED Number of FULL Code Memberships

LIMITED number of FULL Members. ALL The Benefits of FREE members (also listed above) Plus :

    Access to a APP Making site that makes Apple, Android, Kindle and WEB Apps including GAMES!
  • TWO WordPress PLUGINS Every Month
  • Destop software Apps and tools to make Apps
  • Access to ALL information on Apps and App marketing - Blogs, PDFs, Videos, etc.
  • Access to App Design/Creation SERVICE
  • Access to App Compiling/Packaging Service

  $27   $14 / month

(During this pre-launch ONLY)



LIMITED number of WordPress Members. ALL The Benefits of FREE members (also listed above) Plus :

  • TWO (or more) WordPress PLUGINS Every Month
  • Destop software Apps and tools to make Apps
  • Access to ALL information on Apps and App marketing - Blogs, PDFs, Videos, etc.
  • No commitment, Quit anytime.

  $ 14   $7 / month

(During this pre-launch ONLY)

Going BEYOND  Just WordPress:
FULL CODE App Membership Has  Monthly  Benefits 

TAKE EVERYTHING you get with WORDPRESS Membership  and ADD:


Source Code Every Month for Android Apps that are 100% complete, 100% NATIVE (no HTML!) code, compiled/built and tested and ready to be changed into YOUR App. 

(For FULL members only)

The source CAN be purchased separately.


Source Code Every Month for APPLE IOS Apps that are 100% complete, 100% NATIVE (no HTML!), compiled/built and tested and ready to be changed into YOUR App.

(For FULL members only)

The source CAN be purchased separately.

ONE-File Change To Create Your APP

NO PROGRAMMING NEEDED to make a new App.

Although the complete source to an APP may include 165 files or more, we have structured the code so that ONLY ONE FILE - th "Blueprint" text file - has to be changed to create a NEW, UNIQUE APP. Your APP.

This applies to ALL Apps source we provide.


IF you join the site as a Free Member, we GIVE you the Source Code to an App - 100% complete, 100% NATIVE (no HTML!) code, compiled and tested and ready to be changed into YOUR App.

Available to ALL who Join.


For ALL Members we offer FREE Software every month on our product and download pages.

Call it a reward for visiting and being part of our site. There is Free Software to download ON this page.


For TITAN/Game members, you get access to GAME Apps Source Code for creating your own Game.
(Titans/Source members only)

This service CAN NOT be purchased separately


Every Month we deliver information about Apps, Making Apps, and marketing/selling Apps.


ALL available to members.

APP Compiling Service

For members that have an Apple APP they need compiled/packaged for the Apple Store, but do not have a MAC handy, we can compile your package the App for you. (For FULL+ members only)

This service CAN NOT be purchased separately.

APP maker

For TITAN members, you get access to our App Making Tool - the same one we use to create our base App code. It creates fully functional Apps.

This service CAN NOT be purchased separately

We Have a SIMPLE STRATEGY To Get FULL Members Their Own Apple/Android App   Every Month

FIRST - Every Month a New Design

​Joe - Engineering

Every month, a former NASA Engineer and the "Dragon" design team  design, program, and TEST a new multi-screen, multi-function APP.

​Sid - Marketing

Our marketing Team selects designs that are sell-able, that people need/can use. That people would PAY you to create.

You can use the source to make a NEW APP for yourself - How?

SECOND - One File to Change To Make YOUR App

We design all our APPs so that only ONE simple text file - called the BluePrint File - has to be changed to make a New, Unique APP. Your App.
(Like typing a New "App Name:", or changing "App Text Color:" from "red" to "blue")

IF You can read and type, you can make HUNDREDS of NEW Apps (And soon, with "BluePrint Visual Changer"  you won't even have to do that!)

(And of course, all sorts of guides and tutorials  to walk you through everything, as if you had never done it before)

FREE SOFTWARE Just For Visiting This Page

We Give Free Software Just For Visiting

HotShots Screen Capture

CLICK image to download

Note: We acquired and modified the source code for this software. It is BETTER than others, including Jing - and most importantly: it is a Portable and does NOT have to be "installed".Just download and unzip - to use it, just double click the EXE file.

Hotshots is a screens-hot tool with some editing features. It is particularly suitable for writing documentation but you can use it to highlight some details on a map image or what ever you want.

It runs on Windows and Linux (MacOSX isn't tested yet).

Current Features:

--> Grab current screen, all monitors (in case of multi-monitors configuration), current window or a part of the desktop.
--> Save the screenshot in multiple formats (PNG, JPG, BMP, ...).
--> Automatically save the screenshot to clipboard, disk or launch the editor tool.
--> Automatically scale the screenshot to a given size.
--> Use “system” shortcuts to take a screenshot.
--> Add automatically some “post-effects” to the screenshot (drop shadow, rotation, border, …).
--> Add annotation items (text, arrows, rectangle, ...) to the snapshot.
--> Can be minimized to system tray and work in background.
--> Can be launched at system start-up (Windows).
--> Export edited image in multiple formats (PNG, JPG, BMP ...).
--> Save/Restore edited image in proprietary format.
--> Send image directly to printer or to web service.

We acquired and modified the source code for this App. This is OUR version.

This is FOR PERSONAL USE - You may NOT RESELL This OR Give It Away.

Delayed Download WP Plug-in

CLICK image to download

Encourage your visitors to see your offer, opt-in to your list, or read your terms - all with just a simple shortcode. Here's how it works:

Imagine you have a giveaway offer, perhaps a short report, a white paper, or even an audio file. Readers click a link to download, but rather than immediate gratification, they experience a short delay (you decide how long) so they can actually read your offer.

And it's so easy to install and configure, you'll have it up and running in just minutes.

Download Delay includes...

. . . Easy one-click installation right from your WordPress dashboard.
. . . Failure-proof style for easy bypassing of pop-up if necessary.
. . . Unlimited delayed downloads for multiple offers.
. . . Full formatting available using the WordPress WYSIWYG editor.
. . . Works with all major autoresponders for easy insertion of opt-in forms.
. . . Multiple color/layout styles to match any blog.
. . . Customizable call to action button for better conversion rates.
. . . Ability to add images to your delay screen.
. . . Custom CSS fields for infinite variety.
. . . One-click addition of your delayed download to any post or page.
. . . Ability to trigger your download via a link or an image.
. . . Easy shortcodes so you don't have to worry about fragile scripts that WordPress loves to break.

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