January 6, 2017

Products and Priorites For 2017

On this post, we will outline briefly, the projects, products and priorities for 2017 so you can see, and give feedback, on them. 🙂

NOTE that most of these products and services are INCLUDED for FULL Members, at NO additional cost, - part of being a member - though a few are reserved for Titans (Level 12 members).
(Click on any item below to see  more information. They are loosely in Priority Order - but we want comments about that below)


(Web Sites are still vital - and can be an App!)

Activate the "CodingFree" DRAG-n-DROP APP MAKER on the New Server AND add 12 ENHANCEMENTS To That Software Platform

Deploy The "EXTENSION MAKER SOFTWARE" for all Full Members
(Extensions are a wide-open market)

Develop New EXTENSION DESIGNS for The "Extension Maker Software" For Creating New Types of Extensions

14 New WP PLUGINS  For Download (by members) -

(some for sale by members on their web sites)

SIX New WEB SOFTWARE SaaS APPS (Software As A Service) For Download (by Members)
(some for sale by members on their web sites - Titans can Resell All)

Secret GAMES Deployed To Apple and Google

Curated RESOURCES (Assets) For Web Sites, APPs, and Marketing

ADD More Source Code to Apple and Android Apps

Titan "For Memberships" Launch

Add GAME APP MAKER (Desktop) Software for Members to Download

To GET All the Things on the site, now, and being added in 2017, you simply need to join as a FULL member.


Cost is $14 / Month

Your Own Membership Site.

(You Can Cancel Anytime)


  • Everything mentioned in this Post
  • Custom WordPress Plugins To Use or sell
  • Use to Easy Apps with Games APP Maker
  • Access to CodeFree App Maker Software
  • Source Code to APPs (for creating yours)
  • Desktop Software Apps 
  • Web Software SaaS Apps (To Use & Sell)
  • "Buy It For You" Product Service

Please enter comments - What are Your priorities? (among the things we have planned). Or, have we left something out YOU want/need to see?
Note: you need to login to leave a comment, and for security, they are moderated before they appear on the post.

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