20 Ways To Make Money With An App (or Apps):

  • Sell an App we created for the App Business we give you. 
  • Sell a Custom App we create for you
  • Charge people to download an App we create for you
  • Make Your Own Free App, and Charge Others To display their ADs in Your App
  • Charge Others to Display their ADs in an App we Make For You.
  • Get paid from In-App Purchases from an App We Make For You
  • Make Your Own App that has In-App Purchasing 
  • Make Your Own Free App and Charge for a 'Pro' Version
  • Offer a 'Free' Version and a 'Pro' Version of an App We Create For You
  • ​Make Your Own Free Apps and Earn money with promotions using PUSH Notices to the Users
  • ​Earn From Traffic  To Your Web Site Sent Through Links inside Your Own 'Free' APP
  • Earn from traffic to an AFFILIATE Product (like on Amazon) from inside Your Own 'Free' App
  • Charge Users a Fee To Download Your APP
  • Charge a Fee To Create APPs For Others
  • Charge a smaller fee to create an App for someone, but include an ad & link to your company
  • Charge them a Fee to Create Their App, but have US Create that APP
  • Make a Free App and Charge To Upgrade  It To an Enhanced Version
  • Create an App For Someone else and CHARGE them
  • Create an APP For Someone (for a fee) and Put YOUR Ads In the APP
  • Create an APP For Someone (free or for a fee), and Charge Monthly fee To Send Their Users PUSH Notices
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