(Yes, Anyone Can Do it)

​You. Anyone. Can Get Their Own App*. Can Easily  Make Money With Apps of Every Kind** - for $14

  (Even if you don't have one Yet)

ANY App, can Make You Some  Money.   So, Our Focus is:
​Get those Apps Here,
the Easy Way.  (We have the technology) 

We GIVE You  Apps, 
We Give You  Your Own App BUSINESS  with A Hosted Web Site,
​We give  Easy  Ways, to Get - even MAKE - Your Own Apps
AND We will Tell You Up Front:    We Charge Just $14 for ALL of That.  

*App:  Abbreviation for "Application Software" e.g.  a software program
**Apps of Every Kind:   Apple™ & Android™ Apps, Amazon™, Windows Apps, Game Apps, MAC, Browser Extensions, WordPress, etc.

App News Headline

It's Not About Getting Rich
- It's about Making some money.

89 BILLION dollars earned.

From Apps. In just 2016. (Wall Street Journal, Tech Crunch, Mashable)

    IF 10 MILLION people were making Apps (they aren't! - more like 1.6 million
    world-wide) that would still mean $8,900 per Person, per App, per Year.

And that figure is still Growing. Every year.  Apps are in everything: phones, cars, even things like refrigerators and eye glasses. Apps are being made by everyday people - even moms and teenagers!

Our objective is to enable everyday normal people to take advantage of that, right now. Because they actually can.

Any, and Every, App can  Make Some  Money - For every day people.

So Our Mission is simple - We  

OUR MISSION (for the past 3 years):
To provide an array of SIMPLE Technology, Tools, Services and Products focused on making it Easy as possible for our members - everyday people - to make Apps, to make money with Apps, OR  to make money with Apps We  make for them / give them.

Everything  we provide on this site is part of that strategy and Mission.

  ​Managed by Team and  a World-Community.

There Are Many Ways Money Can Be Made With Apps  By Anyone.

Seriously. Most people would like to be able to earn some money from an App - IF we can make it easy enough for them. So we do. And we look for the best ways to make money from Apps.

If it only cost you $14 to get an App - even if it only made $140, wouldn't it be worth it?

 [ Like To see a little real life evidence of an App making money? 
Click to Pop a recent financial report from Apple on ONE LITTLE App of ours ]

20 Ways To Make Money With An App (or Apps):

  • Sell an App we created for the App Business we give you. 
  • Sell a Custom App we create for you
  • Charge people to download an App we create for you
  • Make Your Own Free App, and Charge Others To display their ADs in Your App
  • Charge Others to Display their ADs in an App we Make For You.
  • Get paid from In-App Purchases from an App We Make For You
  • . . . (Click that Green button for ALL TWENTY to Popup --->)

. . . There are actually MORE ways to make money with APPs, and different kinds of Apps have different ways to make money.  

Click the Button to see 20 Ways

There Are 3 Types of Apps Here, That You Can Use To Make Money:

  • Apps We Create For Our Members to Sell
  • Custom  Apps We Create For You 
  • Apps You Make Here Yourself, The Easy Way

We believe it is perfectly reasonable to want  APPs to earn money for you.

The Most POWERFULL Money Maker is - Your Own App

It is obvious that if you are in business, even for yourself, just having your own App enhances your business.

It would also enhance the business of others. And that is an opportunity. A HUGE one. If we can make it easy for you to make an App for yourself, then it is easy for you to make Apps for others. And charge a Fee.

The technology that allows ANY person - even NON-Programmers - to EASILY make Apps, without CODING, without hassle, has been available for ​3 years.  From Us.

CNNMoney reported (Jan 2017) : the  # 1 Job (& Business)  for the Next 10 Years is (Mobile) APP Development

App Making will be a #1 Business for the Next Decade!   Why?  Every small business, even every person, will need their own APP. 
Big companies & Retail already have their own Apps. Small businesses and entrepreneurs, need one even more. 

A LOT of people, a LOT of businesses and entrepreneurs, need an APP.  

We are providing easy ways for you to create that App  for them - one of many  ways For You, to make money with Apps. Unlimited Apps, with EASE. 

OR, We can create them for you.  Your call. (we would use the same software)

There are 994 MILLION domain names in use. 78 MILLION WordPress sites.
58 MILLION FaceBook FanPages.   BUT . . . 

Less than 2.5 million APPs TOTAL in the APP Store, LESS than 2% of all Businesses World Wide have their own APP !   (mostly Big Companies)

Like web sites & web pages 10 years ago - MILLIONs of small businesses and entrepreneurs (offline and online) NOW need their own App, and don't have one yet. 

How Our Members Feel . . .

Doctor Loves AppBuzzinga

AppBuzzinga is in my opinion the most fantastic and easiest method of making Apps without having to know programming. I love it.
Dr. Gerald Veurink
CEO, Naturels
AppBuzzinga App Maker
Dr. Gerald Veurink
CEO, Naturels
AppBuzzinga is in my opinion the most fantastic and easiest method of making Apps without having to know programming. I love it.

Programmer Loves AppBuzzinga

My career has been as a programmer and I love AppBuzzinga. Lots of 'build with blocks' products are difficult for even programmers to figure out. Not AppBuzzinga.
My next project will be an app for notification to my members about schedule changes that I cannot manage in the field now. It will be a game changer for me.

Lief R.
Fastpath Firearms Training, LLC

AppBuzzinga App Maker

Lief R.
Fastpath Firearms Training, LLC

My career has been as a programmer and I love AppBuzzinga. Lots of 'build with blocks' products are difficult for even programmers to figure out. Not AppBuzzinga. My next project will be an app for notification to my members about schedule changes that I cannot manage in the field now. It will be a game changer for me.

Full Membership INCLUDES:

The Full Membership benefits are designed to fulfill our mission to help you earn some money, with Apps.

EVERYTHING Listed on this Page IS INCLUDED. 

(It is a Long List)

Your first major benefit, is your own App Business.

A web site adds Authenticity. A location. Having an APP is great, but you also need a virtual Location, a focal point from where you can make money.   Where people can find you, see your Apps, buy and download those products.

Also, Apps in the Apple Store and in Google Play that do NOT have a website/storefront, do not  do as well.

  Get Your Own APP BUSINESS  

You do NOT have  to create Apps, to own an APP BUSINESS. We give you Apps and an App Business.

Your Own Membership WordPress Site
- with a Web App BUSINESS - Made For You

A Complete Site w/Content

---( Click Images To POP More Info )---

A Site Designed For by our team. 
Setup for You,  with Plugins.
With a Web App Business. 
HOSTED For You  on our servers.
We Maintain it FOR YOU - updates, additions, etc.

A Web App Business with Products

---( Click Images To POP More Info )---

We include an Web APP Software Store - Your Own App Business - filled with Software Products. We periodically add products that we create here. You can add any Products you like, and YOU Get ALL the Money from ANY Sales of Anything on the site. It is your site.

   EASY Way To Get Your Own Apps  

You can make money with any App, so you need an Easy Way to get an App.

ONE WAY to get Apps to Make Money with, Is to To Be Able To Make  Apps - EASILY - for yourself, and for others. WITHOUT CODING.

We have created App Maker Software Platforms and technology designed to make it Easy for anyone - non-technical, non-programmers - to make an App.  Anyone.

Making Apps CAN be done  with  NO CODING. NO Programming.  NONE. The Easy Way.   By using our App Makers (or other methods and software also available here). Sounds a bit like hype, but it is  true.

That IS the strategy: make it simple, make it Easy to use, and make it valuable to you.
Make it one of The Easy Ways to get Apps to make money.

NO Coding APP Making Platform 

The CodingFree APP Maker*

Drag and Drop: You Select features, to create an App for each of Hundreds of businesses.  
If you can type,
if you can select a template,
then you can create an App. Fill in Blanks to create UNLIMITED Apps.

You can get an App ready to upload, AND Get the complete source code.

Fill-in-the-Blanks, Drag-n-Drop, NO CODING

(This Platform Has Templates That App Maker #2 Does not Have)

*CREATES APPs with Source Code


There is a Growing list of Other BENEFITS to Full membership - all focused on the objective to make money - products and tools  to use, to add into Apps, products to sell, including Apps, Assets, and more:


Tools, Software, Assets

We BUY - FOR  You

If Any Member Finds A Useful Product We Can Buy and then Include for Members. . .
For You (all members)

---( Click here To POP Info )---

 WordPress Plugins

WordPress sites are RESPONSIVE - the BEST SITES for MOBILE Users 

We Create Commercial PLUGINs for WordPress, for use and sale.

1-2 A Month

---( Click here To POP Info )---

 Desktop Software

Desktop APP Software that does things such as CREATE APPs just by drawing a
Picture of the App!

Software for MAC and Windows. ALL for use by members. Some, to be sold by members.

---( Click here To POP Info )---



APPs Made For You

Custom App Creation Service
ANY Member Can Request that an APP Be Built For Them. Beyond Cheap (for members!)

---( Click here To POP Info )---

Information & Help

50+ Professionals, all Site members, 
finding, creating and contributing information - Videos, audios, PDf's, etc. all about Apps, Making Apps, etc. 

---( Click here To POP Info )---

App Marketing

Pro marketers contribute guidance, information, techniques, mindmaps, checklists, action plans and more.

---( Click here To POP Info )---

Any ONE of these Benefits is worth more than $14.
But That is Our Intention - Make it an EASY way, which includes being affordable, for everyone, even Students.

How Getting Your APP 'The EASY Way ' Works

Part of our strategy, is for our members to be able to Make Money using Apps and App technology, The EASY Way: without having to do the technical work.  Our engineers did that for you. 

App News Headline

NO CODING. NO Programmers.  ANYBODY Can - Just by Doing it.

There are THOUSANDS of people - even teenagers - making money with Simple APPs.   Here, you can do the same, in 4 simple steps.

HOW did they do it?  Just by doing it.

USING The APP Platform  Takes Only 4 SIMPLE STEPS

4 SIMPLE Fill-n-Blanks  STEPS to Make an App
with ANY of our App Makers 
(It is One Way WE make them!)

1) You Pick A Template Related To The Niche/Market - Or Customize from a Blank Template!

2) You "Edit" them: Choose a Feature from a List, Fill In Blanks, Maybe Add Images.

3) Click a Button To "Build" The executable App for a Specific Device, (Like a iPhone 6)

4) Click Another Button To "Publish": package and upload Your App 


SOME of The FEATURES You Can ADD - To Any & All of Your APPs

You select a feature for your App, drop it into your App, Type in some information (such as a Link). Done.

New Benefits Being Added (and Included) :

We are constantly adding products - tools, software, Assets (ebooks, videos, audios, graphics) and any thing else we can create or acquire (and the provide to you) to assist our members in creating Apps, using Apps, selling/marketing Apps and generally using Apps to earn. Below are some of those we are in the process of adding.


Any Full Site Member Who Creates An App Can Have It Featured in The Gallery HERE AND have an Email Sent To Our Members Announcing it.

New Services & Products

APP Assets

APPs NEED MEDIA - Images, Sound, Video, Icons - This area of the site provides ROYALTY FREE Media Our Members can Use

 BluePrint APP Maker Desktop Software

Creates Apps by Changing The Source Code FOR You

BluePrint App Maker will SIMPLIFY App task by editing For You Apps our engineers create. You answer questions the software asks, and IT will edit the source code for you to create your new App..

We are constantly looking for, and adding more, and our members are also helping - constantly looking for opportunities out there for items and assets to add to our growing portal.


It is an APP Mad World(tm)   And APPs are only going to grow.    So, JOIN The Movement.
We Make It as EASY, and as AFFORDABLE, as Humanly Possible:


​Even Free members Get an APP!




  • FREE APP with 100% Native Source Code
  • ACCESS to ALL information on Apps and App marketing - Blogs, PDFs, Videos, etc. On the Main Server
  • FREE SOFTWARE to download
  • No commitment, NO charge, Quit anytime.

​For Your Business/Self/Group Etc.



  • CUSTOM APP Designed for BOTH Android and Apple
  • INCLUDES Complete Source Code.
  • Includes Access to Design Tool

​Our site is about APPs: Android Apps, Apple Apps, WordPress Apps, FaceBook Apps, Windows and MAC Apps. The easiest way to make Apps, how to market/sell Apps, and how to make money with Apps.

We do focus on NON-programmers and Independent (Indie) shops
- and those programmers who don't mind things being made easier and simpler.

And FREE SOFTWARE - Just For Visiting This Page

We Give Free Software Just For Visiting

HotShots Screen Capture

CLICK image to download

Note: We acquired and modified the source code for this software. It is BETTER than others, including Jing - and most importantly: it is a Portable and does NOT have to be "installed". Just download and unzip - to use it, just double click the EXE file.

Hotshots is a screen-shot tool with some editing features. It is particularly suitable for writing documentation but you can use it to highlight some details on a map image or what ever you want.

It runs on Windows and Linux (MacOSX isn't tested yet).

Current Features:

--> Grab current screen, all monitors (in case of multi-monitors configuration), current window or a part of the desktop.
--> Save the screenshot in multiple formats (PNG, JPG, BMP, ...).
--> Automatically save the screenshot to clipboard, disk or launch the editor tool.
--> Automatically scale the screenshot to a given size.
--> Use “system” shortcuts to take a screenshot.
--> Add automatically some “post-effects” to the screenshot (drop shadow, rotation, border, …).
--> Add annotation items (text, arrows, rectangle, ...) to the snapshot.
--> Can be minimized to system tray and work in background.
--> Can be launched at system start-up (Windows).
--> Export edited image in multiple formats (PNG, JPG, BMP ...).
--> Save/Restore edited image in proprietary format.
--> Send image directly to printer or to web service.

We acquired and modified the source code for this App. This is OUR version.

This is FOR PERSONAL USE - You may NOT RESELL This OR Give It Away.

Delayed Download WP Plug-in

CLICK image to download

Encourage your visitors to see your offer, opt-in to your list, or read your terms - all with just a simple shortcode. Here's how it works:

Imagine you have a giveaway offer, perhaps a short report, a white paper, or even an audio file. Readers click a link to download, but rather than immediate gratification, they experience a short delay (you decide how long) so they can actually read your offer.

And it's so easy to install and configure, you'll have it up and running in just minutes.

Download Delay includes...

. . . Easy one-click installation right from your WordPress dashboard.
. . . Failure-proof style for easy bypassing of pop-up if necessary.
. . . Unlimited delayed downloads for multiple offers.
. . . Full formatting available using the WordPress WYSIWYG editor.
. . . Works with all major autoresponders for easy insertion of opt-in forms.
. . . Multiple color/layout styles to match any blog.
. . . Customizable call to action button for better conversion rates.
. . . Ability to add images to your delay screen.
. . . Custom CSS fields for infinite variety.
. . . One-click addition of your delayed download to any post or page.
. . . Ability to trigger your download via a link or an image.
. . . Easy shortcodes so you don't have to worry about fragile scripts that WordPress loves to break.

Making Money Is Not a Bad Thing. And Possible.

QuickList - What We GIVE Our Full Members To Accomplish That Mission

(all for just $14 right now):

  • Your Own Mobile APP / Software BUSINESS   (Built and Hosted For You)
  • Your Own App Web Site   (We Build and Host For You.)
  • 2 SIMPLE Platforms To Make UNLIMITED Apps - the Easy Way 
  • Software APPs WE Create For You and Give To You To Sell   (You keep all the money)
  • Apps, such as WordPress Plugins, we Create for your use.
  • SOURCE CODE to Apps that you can use to create your own versions
  • Information (ebooks, Videos, audios) and SoftwareTools
  • BUY For You: Products You Find Bought for use by all members
  • APPs Custom Made For You   ( an option )
  • Royalty Free ASSETS You Can Use for Your APPs
  • FREE ADVERTISING for any App You create through AppBuzzinga
  • And MORE coming. Every month.

There is more information on all of these Benefits on this Page

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