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– Sidney

Welcome! This is Sidney (Linda to Apple Inc.) and NO, this is not – yet. This is a PRIVATE PAGE for Radical/ users ONLY, arranged for YOU by Bryan Lunduke as a result of the SALE of the Radical Breeze company and products to Dead Parrot Software Inc.

Do not panic.:-) is NOT gone – just being moved to our server. It will return soon. In the meantime, there are BENEFITS from Dead Parrot Software for loyal users of Radical Breeze AND is the first of several benefits arranged for you. BUT some of these are for a LIMITED TIME.

(Please excuse us – AppBuzzinga’s code engine / control panel is 100% functional, but some ‘Public pages’ just began Re-construction to explain this New Version of the software.)


Read On, to find out what it is all about, what you can get.

(We try not to sound too ‘hyped’ but we are proud of the software and truly believe every ISC user could find it useful)

NOTE: Please do NOT share this with anyone else. Seriously, it was negotiated as part of the deal ONLY FOR RADICAL USERS. It is not even being offered to Dead Parrot customers or the public. Ever. There is NO link to this page on this site.

We would love to give this for free BUT this site engine uses licensed technology (we enhanced/improved, but) we have to pay to use, and, let’s be honest, this site and our software is how we feed our families. However, for Radical users . . . 1/12th!

. . . and the DAM! software is essentially same as ISC 7. ALL of the ISC code hs already been enhanced and changed.

Sale of Radical Breeze Company

OK, so Bryan sold the Radical Breeze company and products to Dead Parrot Software Inc.

Bryan is only one man, and he wishes to focus on his new career as a writer/journalist/novelist – and we all wish him well at that – so he chose the full team here at Dead Parrot Software Inc. to carry on the VERY time-consuming job of supporting and improving ISC and the other code. The Dead Parrot team (there are several dozen of us, lead by an ex-NASA engineer) has been working with the source code for over a year, and our products, which have over 30,000 users, couple nicely with the Radical tools.

Also, we STRONGLY urge you to join the google group created JUST for Radical people. It is a PRIVATE group open o to Radical product owners. One of two ways we are setting up to reach you, for updates, free products, downloads, information and more.

We have also arranged for benefits to the Radical Breeze people, for those that are interested (beyond new versions of the Radical products). This is just beginning.


Yes, there will be some changes.
The code is in the hands of our team – lead by a former NASA/KSC engineer – so the software will be updated, enhanced and expanded, probably much more frequently. Just for starters.

BUT will be back – just moving it to a new server.
The software will be hear for years to come.

PLUS you have benefits. Discounted or free access to OUR products and sites. A larger support group. (there is a dedicated google group, the contact page on this site, and our support email: ) And more, like an entire department – mine – dedicated to teaching our customers (you) how to market what they create. I know, that idea makes many of you shudder with revulsion, but it is a necessary evil. :-)

Below, we present the FIRST benefit. It may sound like a sales page – that is what I do – but if you check the “Prices” link above, you will see why it is ONLY for the Radical people, and only for some of you. We can only accommodate a few hundred. There is no obligation – though it is VERY possible you will miss a lot if you are not at least a part of the Google group.

OK, so:

BENEFITS & Tools . . .

   To Build Anything, you Need Tools :

   Sometimes You Need a Screwdriver.

   But, Sometimes You Need a Hammer!

   . . . A hammer that happens to be able to send ‘Push’ Notices – (and much more)!


So, Think of Illumination Software Creator (ISC) as a Screwdriver.
ISC creates APP source code without you actually writing code. Brilliant!
BUT it is not perfect for every single APP job. (NO tool is). It does not do everything.

NOW, thanks to negotiations, You Can Get Your Hands Another Tool that Also Creates Source Code.  (Actually, 5 such tools, depending)

This site – is AppBuzzinga — A BENEFIT (if you want it). Call it the ‘hammer’ in the analogy above.


AppBuzzinga too creates APP source code like ISC – for APPs you may NOT be able to create quickly in ISC – without you actually writing code. An easy approach ANYONE could use. Also Brilliant!


With AppBuzzinga Anyone, including NON-Programmers, can Build bigger, different APPs – FAST! – with advanced features – like Push Notices, Animations, etc. – things NOT easily done in ISC.

Now AppBuzzinga is available as a BENEFIT
- a new tool – for Radical Users


Why? What Use To ISC Users?

First, because loyal users deserve a break. A HUGE one.

2nd, because it gives you a platform – your control panel – from which you can send UNLIMITED Push notices to all your APP users. I am sure you realize that is a HUGE advantage.

3rd, ISC is easy and powerful but, truthfully, it DOES take a level of programming knowledge and proficiency to use. AND It does not have everything you might need built into it. Some things in ISC take a LOT of blocks. Not everything can be done super easily.

   Consider – HOW LONG would it take you with ISC to code into your APP advanced features
   . . . an interface to iTunes that allows the user to play an iTunes playlist?
   . . . To add an Animated Circle Menu?
   . . . A QR Reader?
   . . . Play a Song List or other Audio files?
   . . . Add an Interactive Quiz?
   . . . Add a Photo Effects Editor to your App?
   . . . Do Push?

With AppBuzzinga it takes ONE CLICK. Added. Coded (in XCode/Objective C or JAVA ). Done.

You can create complicated Apps with ISC. You can create large many-feature Apps quickly with AppBuzzinga. You can create unbelievable Apps using both.

You have MOST of an App built with ISC. But you would like to have a nice animated menu to your App. Quickly. AppBuzzinga has several. Choose one – just that – fill it in, click Build the “App”, then cut and paste the AppBuzzinga generated code into your ISC generated code, and compile.
You are done in mere minutes.

ENHANCE AppBuzzinga With ISC –
You create an AppBuzzinga App easily, just choosing features. You need it do do something more unusual/ USE ISC to create that “extra” bit of code. Paste itto the code AppBuzzinga creates, and BAM! done.

Together, the two tools make an AWESOME arsenal. That is why we bought the ISC product

How It Works

was built to create larger APPs with more FEATURES – features normally difficult and complicated with ISC. FAST. It enables you to create larger or different APPs simply by . . .

   . . . Choose all the FEATURES – we call them “building blocks” – from a list.
They each do something, such as: —
        ”display the facebook news feed for user JOHNSMITH”
       – but the FEATURES are pre-designed, pre-coded, pre-optimized!

–> There are over 90 such pre-coded, pre-engineered, pre-designed FEATURE ‘blocks (screens, menus) you just ‘select’!

(Click HERE to see the list of FEATURE blocks in a new window)

Like ISC, AppBuzzinga generates fully functional 100% native XCode/Objective C or JAVA – already optimized by engineers.

The ISC Way

Select and design blocks to do a task/display screen

construct custom blocks if needed

set variables

set conditionals

insert menu and supporting blocks

Draw connecting Lines between blocks

Click and output source code.


The AppBuzzinga Way

Select pre-designed pre-engineered FEATURES

(screens/windows, different kinds of menus, etc.)

Type in some info for each feature, like a URL

Make changes if you like (like a background image, etc.)

Add PUSH message or advertising capability IF you like

Click and Output 100% native XCode/Objective C or Java-source code

There are Many, Many Feature “Blocks” Pre-done in AppBuzzinga that you would have to create in ISC from scratch – in fact, many of the AppBuzzinga features would need MANY ISC blocks in combination to build IF at all.

Sure, you have ISC, but why use it to re-invent the wheel? If AppBuzzinga has a feature you need, create the code for it with AppBuzzinga and then just CUT&PASTE it into the ISC-generated code! The AppBuzzinga code is already tested.

So – AppBuzzinga is a GREAT Tool to have available.
And You Can Have It.

How to GET Yours

This page is not normal.
This page is a negotiated benefit for Radical Users as part of the sale of Radical breeze by Bryan to Dead Parrot Software and My Dragon Software (this site builders), and is NOT what the public gets – which is the reason WHY this page is private. In fact, two of the options below are actually NOT even available to anyone else.

(Click HERE to see the normal prices we charge – opens in a new window)

I should REPEAT: None of OUR users were ever offered a “pay once get it all” option. EVER. They pay from $28-$98 per month, depending on their level. This is ONLY due to the sale of Radical. And it will NOT be done again.

This site creates complete source code via an engine.
   Due to the bandwidth the engine takes, there is a LIMIT to AppBuzzinga size and
   number of users. There are ONLY – 118 – SLOTS allowed for Radical Users.

   (There are about 15,000 Radical Breeze users, so . . .)

There are 3 Options Available – And Option 2 and 3 Does not exist anywhere else at any price. That too, was negotiated just for you.



- Create Up to 10 APPS

- Just choose your features, fill in blanks and output source code

– Send Unlimited Push Notifications To All Apps from Site

– Download complete source to your APPs anytime – Modify/Change/Update your APP anytime

– FREE Updates to the APP making site software


Cost: $9.82 / month

(NOTE: 1st month ONLY is $16.22 – extra $7 is to cover setup expense)


(normal cost: $ 22.32 / month)



- Just choose your features, fill in blanks and output source code

– Send Unlimited Push Notifications To All Apps from Site

– Download complete source to your APPs anytime – Modify/Change/Update your APP anytime

– FREE Updates to the APP making site software


Cost: $ 48.72 Only ONCE.

For Lifetime Access to just AppBuzzinga.


(normal cost: NOT OFFERRED
‘special’ members who joined at version 1 are paying $98 PER MONTH!)

- Pay ONCE

You get EVERYTHING below – multiple products / sites – for life


- Just choose your features, fill in blanks and output source code

– Send Unlimited Push Notifications To All Apps from Site

– Download complete source to your APPs anytime – Modify/Change/Update your APP anytime

– FREE Updates to the APP making site software


- FREE UPDATES to the ALL APP making software, sites, and tools FOR LIFE

ALL FIVE Websites/software products (the sites and software listed below.)

Cost: $ 88.82 Only ONCE.

For Lifetime Access & Updates.



PayPal SHOULD send IMMEDIATELY to the sign-up link for your level to create your control panel login – All benefits and software are based on your level within AppBuzzinga. IF not, or if you have other issues, CONTACT us immediately at:

OPTION 4 – Just
DAM! Software Ver 7.0 actually created building upon and enhancing the ISC VERSION 6 and 7 code. OPTION 4 is INCLUDED with OPTION 3

Cost: $34.42  [ClickMe to Buy]

A LIST of the Other Sites and Software — INCLUDED —

DAM! Software Ver 7.0 (DragonDone App Miracle)

This is ISC type software for PC and MAC that creates source code for ( IOS/Apple, Android, Python, etc.) APPs by drawing/designing and connecting blocks.

- Adobe AIR Integration (to create AIR Apps – windows, MAC – from HTML5 code output)
- Sencha/PhoneGap Integration (to create Hybrid Apps from HTML5 code output)

–> DAM! 7.0
Was actually created building upon and enhancing the ISC VERSION 6 code

- Scheduled release date: March 21, 2014

WOW!It Windows APP Maker

Creates compiled, ready to run APPs for windows/Surface WITHOUT writing code. The software is a collection of screens, the screens are images, and you mark hotspots on these images and choose from a list of features/actions/menus/other screens/images that will run/appear when that hot spot is clicked by a user.

- Scheduled rev 2 update release: March 8, 2014

HAM – HTML5 App Miracle

ISC type software for PC and MAC that creates source code for HTML5 APP by drawing/designing and connecting blocks.

- Scheduled Release Date: March 7, 2014

Kindle App Maker – (KAM)

Creates, formats, uploads Kindle-based publications to Amazon. Also creates APP’s that run on Kindle, ISC style

- Scheduled Release date: March 28, 2014

WUP! - WordPress Unique PlugIns

Source unique of WordPress Plug-ins for your websites. New plug-ins added monthly

- Scheduled Release Date: Feb 12, 2014


– Sid




FREE Copy of: Marketing & Making Money for APP Programmers (release date; late March 2014)

Sid is NOT a programmer – She does not create many APPs, she MARKETS them!
(ok, she does create AppBuzzinga Apps, but that takes no ‘programming’)

Sid is a marketing expert who has literally made several million dollars on eBay and Aamazon alone. Yes, several million. Since acquiring part of AppBuzzinga, she has focused on marketing APPs, and is providing a step-by-step plan and checklist for "marketing challenged" APP programmers.